Saturday, January 17, 2009

Entertaining without (much) cooking

My son recently had a birthday. Along with this birthday came the task of feeding larger the my family sized groups and still including foods my daughter and I (and some of our friends) could eat.

For the first gathering we went with Subway. Subway white bread is milk and egg free. The turkey is safe also. So plain turkey sandwiches on one tray, assorted "normal" meat and cheese sandwiches on an other, plain cheese sandwiches for the vegetarians, a veggie tray to dress the sandwiches and your main course is set. Add plain chips, a fruit salad, and drinks and you have our menu. Not the healthiest, but it is a party.

For our second gathering I picked up a big bucket of extra crispy chicken from KFC (crispy only! original has both egg and milk), made my own mashed potatoes and gravy, poured baked beans in a dish and voila. I was going to add a veggie, but I forgot and I don't think anyone really noticed.

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