Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good news for our family= bad news for the blog

Poor neglected blog.

Must of the people who read this blog already know the good news that has caused me to leave this poor blog hanging in the breeze, but for the few of you who don't know I should probably share. :)

In late May of last year we got some super terrific news. After blood testing and a milk challenge in our allergist's office we discovered that my daughter has totally outgrown her milk allergy! Immune systems are pretty interesting and changeable things. This is true for everyone, but is especially true in children. She went from contract reactive and severe reaction at 11 months to out grown allergy in about 8 months. We feel very blessed and lucky.

She still has her egg allergy, but her numbers and skin test are tracking down for that also so we are hopeful that in time she will out grow that allergy as well.

So, since we are no longer vegans who eat meat, this blog has been pretty neglected. I am going to maintain it because I think there is some good information for moms just starting to go dairy/egg free but the updates will likely be few and far between.

Thank you to everyone who has been a help to our family as we navigated (and continue to navigate) allergy land.

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  1. Your blog is still great and you can still post some pretty awesome recipies. Even for carnivores like my family and myself :D