Monday, February 2, 2009

Chocolate, not just for V-Day

Some times you just need chocolate. Unfortunately, if you are dairy free your chocolate selections are pretty limited.

Your cheapest route would be to chow a handful of FMV (Kroger) brand chocolate chips. Add a few sunflower seeds or almonds and you have a sweet, salty, chocolaty snack. You could even get fancy and melt them down, pour them on a waxed paper, sprinkle with almonds and refrigerate and pretend you are eating a Hershey's bar.

I use FMV in my chocolate chip cookie recipe and they work pretty well.

Tropical Source also makes a vegan chip, and while it is much tastier it is also 4 times the price.

If you think FMV chips taste oddly fibrous and want something smoother a big jump up in quality and still available at Krogers (vs. a health food store) would be Endangered Species Chocolate's Dark Chocolate and Blueberries bar. The blueberries add a bit of sweetness that dark chocolate lacks.

Overall, I still really miss a good milk chocolate. Dark just doesn't do it for me. If anyone has a good replacement email me!!! Or email my husband and tell him to buy me some for Valentines Day. :-P


  1. We really like Enjoy Life's chocolate chips.

  2. Here's the Tropical Source candy bar that helped me survive dairy free. My favorite is the rice crisp one on top in the picture. Yes, this is what my husband gave me for Valenine's Day at least once!