Monday, December 22, 2008


My daughter is a different sort of eater then my son was. My son willingly opened his mouth and smiled happily as I fed him. I think he figured I could feed him faster then if he was feeding himself. My daughter? She wants nothing to do with any spoon not held in her own hot little hand. She grunts and pushes away my hand if I try to feed her. She learned to say spoon (boon) and will ask for one if we are late putting one on her high chair tray. So what do I feed Ms. Self Sufficient for snacks?

Corn Chex
Life Cereal
Sunflower seeds (this is great for fine motor too, although gross to see again 12 hours later)
Freeze dried fruit and veggies
Finely chopped raw fruit (the girl can seriously throw down a small tub of blue berries all on her own)
Marie's Tea Biscuits
Saltines (Check your ingredients list!!! Not all are dairy free! We buy Premium Brand.)
Hormel Natural Brand Ham chopped fine. (Does not contain lactic acid from a dairy source!)
Breast Milk :P

As a side note, I don't let my son eat any snacks in the house that my daughter might react too. The last thing I need is not to be watching for one minute while he shares. The only dairy we have in the house is actual milk that my husband uses on his cereal.

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